Services and Formalities

There is a wide selection of foreign-language newspapers available, including Dutch ones. When requested, they can be delivered to your door.

A satellite TV connection is available in each bungalow. This will allow you to receive Thai channels, but also other Asian channels and BVN. If you stay for longer, and wish to watch specific European/ International or sports channels, then you can purchase a set-top box with a pre-paid card for the specific channels.

You can bring your own laptop for communication purposes, as we have wireless internet (8MB/sec). WiFi is free, but we request that you refrain from downloading files.

We have an extensive library which is free for your use. It contains up to 500 books in Dutch, german, English and Thai and we also have a large selection of movies and music cd’s which youcan borrow for free.

Passport and formalities
Before landing in Thailand you will have to fill out some customs and visa forms. As your residence you can use Bandokmaai in Sattaheep, this is generally sufficient.

On your arrival you will need to fill out a registration form. Which is a legal requirement.
It is a good idea to provide us with the following on your arrival at Bandokmaai (this is voluntary, and you can choose to provide these in a closed envelope that we will only open in an emergency)
1. Copy of your passport with your photograph
2. Copy of your travel insurance
3. Name/ address and phone number of next of kin
4. Driving license/ golf certificate/ diving certificate or other documents you might need in order to play your sports.

Originals of all of the above can be placed in our safe during your stay with us.

In Thailand it is compulsory to carry your passport with you at all times. Please bring several copies of your passport with you before you set off to Thailand, which will be useful in case you lose your original document.

A visa is needed if you intend to stay in Thailand for more than 4 weeks. The easiest place to get a visa is at the Thai embassy/ consulate in your home country. It is also wise to check if you need any vaccinations (DTP) and don’t forget to bring mosquito spray. Sun cream is widely available, but if you require a high factor, it is better to bring it with you from home. For after-sun you can use one of the many Aloe-Vera plants that grow in our own garden.

If you want to undertake a daytrip, golf or fishing trip, diving expedition, rent a motorbike or scooter, or arrange visas for visits to nearby countries, we are here to help you and point you in the right direction. We will however, not get involved in the arrangements you make with 3rd parties and also do not receive any commission, because we choose to stay independent. If you do need some guidance, please notify us in plenty time.

Peace and privacy are the essence of a stay at Bandokmaai. In order to achieve this we have created some house rules in consultation with our regular guests which can be found in the information book in your bungalow. This is to guarantee the peace and privacy of all our guests. It is our experience that most guests find the house rules very positive, however, if you find the rules too much of an imposition, then we area at all times happy to help you find alternative accommodation in the area.

..relax in full privacy..
..youre meals rae prepared in a professional kitchen..