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Bungalow “Bougainville” can be ‘split-up’ in 3 independent units.

Each unit has his own entrance,so you have still perfect privacy.

1.=Bungalow “Kolibri-Luxe”

Click here for an overview of the room diagram
A very large and luxury bungalow with:

Roofed outdoor living-terrace with dining- and sittinggroup and a fan .A Livingroom with refrigerator and TV connection,2 Fans,Sittinggroup etc.etc.A large bedroom with airconditioning,2 large single beds,all bedroomfurniture .The bedroom has his own bathroom with all-you-need and warm-and cold water too.

2.=Bungalow-studio SQUIRREL”

Click here for an overview of the room diagram
Large bedroom-6x4 m- with airconditioning and 2 single beds and all necessary bedroom furnitures.Also a TV connection and a refrigerator.The en-suite bathroom has a toilet and a large shower ,warm-and cold waterand other utensils.The own entrance is situated next to the swimmingpool terrace.

3.=Bedroom-en-suite “Butterfly”.

Click here for an overview of the room diagram
This room is 4x4m ,has airconditioning,refrigerator,TV connection,all bedroom furnitures including 2 large single beds.The own entrance goes to the dining-terrace next to the swimmingpool. This room is also very suitable for a “single-holiday”We can change the room for single-use –with 1 bed only and an extra table/chair .