Rules regarding peace and privacy

=Our houserules are made together with our(regular)guests,in order to assure you and us a comfortable and quiet and undisturbed time.If you—as our guests—like to improve some rules,then please tell us during your stay

==Basic rule:All guests should have a quiet time and privacy.

=Bandokmaai:Only for registered guests. Visitors-------only admitted in your bungalow and not on the Bandokmaai grounds/swimmingpool etc.--- might only be welcome after we agree,and should leave in time.

=Smoking-Not allowed except outside on your own terrace.

=Mobile phones:Please phone inside your bungalow if possible.Never use ringtones outside but use buzzer.

=Food and drinks that you bought somewhere else may ONLY be used inside your bungalow or on your own terrace.Please don’t take complete meals but enjoy them where you buy them.

=Laundry : Only swimmingsuits.Its not allowed to do any other laundry by yourself

=In the information book,in your bungalow,we give you some more advices to keep Bandokmaai as all of us like it to be.

I wish you a quiet, pleasant and peaceful stay in Bandokmaai,