There is a high demand for airline tickets to Thailand in the winter months and in July/ August, so it is important to make your booking in time to avoid high prices. If you need a reliable and trustworthy taxi service form the airport to Bandokmaai, we will be able to help you with this. Please do contact us by emails about one week before your arrival. There are taxi’s available at the airport, but they are not always that reliable. If you choose to order a taxi yourself, inform the driver that you are going to Bangsaray (not: Pattaya) and let him phone me, (Sawat on 089-2133919) within 30 minutes after leaving the airport. I can give him directions. (Otherwise there is a big chance that he ‘cannot find us’ and will end up paying much more than originally agreed.)

Transport to Pattaya (30 minutes), with all department stores and good international hospitals, is cheap. Just take a "20-Baht-taxi" at 10 minutes walk from Bandokmaai. These hop-on-hop-off taxis depart every 10-20 minutes. Many of our guests also choose to rent their own scooter or motorcycle for 200 Baht/ day.


Telephone: on your arrival in Thailand you can buy a Thailand simcard for around 50 Baht.

Pre-paid phone cards start at 100 Baht and allow you to make cheap phone call, both within Thailand and international. It will allow you to stay connected with friends and family at home, and it can also be used to connect with me at any time when you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Internet: We have a Wi-Fi-connection for communication (not for downloading). It is switched off before/during/after a thunderstorm because telephone lines are not earthed and easily damaged by induction. Wi-Fi is also switched off between the hours of 21.30 to 07.00. Only 3 laptops can use the Wi-Fi on the same time as it is 1MB connection. In case you need a 24 hour connection it is better to buy a ‘dongle’ from a phone company which are available for a very acceptable price


You can phone me 24 hrs a day on:089-2143919
Address: Najomtien Soi 56/1--nr.92/14
20250 Chonburi -Thailand
Find us in Google-earth: --12*- 46’ -31,35’’N /////100*- 54’ - 29,82’’ E